BEWARE all ye gay men who enter the Czech Republic seeking political asylum from homophobic discrimination; your penis will be hooked up to a machine that will monitor blood flow as you watch straight pornography. This will help the authorities make sure you aren’t lying about your sexual orientation and if you pass, you are granted the gift of asylum.


Of late, the Czech government has been taking heat from other EU countries, particularly the Austrian-based European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, over the violation of privacy that phallometric testing asylum seekers entails. What is striking to me, is how this serves as an absurd example of the pervasive  biopolitical reality that dominates the political asylum process in the EU.  In this case, the Czech authorities justified their invasive control of bodies and biology with political jargon about the need for security against terroristic asylum impostors. I couldn’t help but chuckle when reading about their verification technology though… a morbid sort of laughter I might add.

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